Micro3 Big Upgrade: Alpha Mainnet

Three months after upgrading to Micro3 V3.0, we are excited to introduce Micro3 Alpha Mainnet, a major update designed to enhance the user experience for all participants. This release brings numerous new features, including an improved homepage that offers aesthetic appeal. The redesigned interface provides a modern, user-friendly experience, making navigation and task completion smoother than ever.

With the Alpha Mainnet version, Micro3 will undergo significant changes to provide convenience and facilitate the upcoming token listing and airdrop processes.


  1. Enhanced Usability: The new design will focus on simplifying the user interface, making it more accessible and easier to navigate for both new and experienced users.

  2. Improved Aesthetics: We are updating the visual elements to create a more engaging and modern look that reflects the innovative spirit of Micro3.

  3. Increased Responsiveness: The upgraded system will be optimized for various devices, ensuring a seamless experience whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

  4. Personalized User Experience: Advanced customization options will allow users to tailor the interface to better suit their preferences and workflows.

  5. Enhanced Security Features: The redesign will also incorporate enhanced security measures, ensuring that user data remains safe and protected.

New Points - Micro3 Experience Points (MXP)

Micro3 will upgrade the M3G system from off-chain points to on-chain points, designated as Micro3 Experience Points (MXP). This upgrade will offer users exciting experiences and the value that MXP will bring to its holders in the near future.

Repair Streak & Rollback Tier

Following the completion of system maintenance and subsequent upgrade to the Micro3 Alpha Mainnet version, users will be granted complimentary access to the Repair Streak & Rollback Tier features for a single use within a two-day period post-launch. This provision is designed to facilitate the restoration of user tiers, streaks, and check-in records.

1. Repair Streak Check-in

Micro3 will record the daily check-in history of users. If a user misses their streak, they can restore their most recent check-in day in two ways:

Repair streak check-in using MXP: 800 MXP/time

Repair streak check-in using USDT: $3 USDT/time

2. Repair Streak Create/Mint NFT

Micro3 will track users' Create/Mint streak history. If a user breaks their streak, they can restore it in one of the following ways:

Repair Create/Mint streak using MXP: 10,000 MXP/time

Repair Create/Mint streak check-in using USDT: $10 USDT/time

3. Rollback Tier

Micro3 will retain the most recent Tier attained by the user. If a user loses their Tier, they can restore it through of the following methods:

Rollback Tier

MXP Point to Rollback

USDT to Rollback

Rollback Tier 2



Rollback Tier 3



Rollback Tier 4



Rollback Tier 5



4. How to rollback:

Step 1: Access the History page.

Step 2: Repair your Tier, check-in, or streak.

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