Micro3 Identity Verification

Set up your journey on Micro3

. Micro3 ID Citizen (Level 1):

Verification Criteria: Mint M3ID (Micro3 ID).


  • Access to basic features within the Micro3 ecosystem.

  • Ability to mint NFTs and participate in general platform activities.

2. Blue Checkmark (Level 2):

Verification Criteria

  • Fill out a form or create a support ticket on Discord.

  • This tier is designed for Partners, KOLs, and Artists.


  • Enhanced visibility and recognition with the blue checkmark verification badge.

  • Priority consideration for collaborations and featured promotions.

  • Access to additional platform features and tools.

3. Gold Checkmark (Level 3):

Verification Criteria

  • Exclusive tier reserved for Micro3 accounts, special partners, and organizations.


  • Prestigious gold checkmark verification badge.

  • Guaranteed participation in Micro3 airdrops (USDT, M3G, project tokens, tier upgrades, and more).

  • Premium visibility and promotion opportunities.

  • Access to advanced platform features and exclusive tools.

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