Streak in Micro3

1. What is Streak?

Streak encourages users to maintain a consistent streak of minting NFTs, unlocking additional MXP rewards in Micro3.

2. How to Upgrade Streak?

  • Upgrading streak is automatic and doesn't require specific user actions. The primary focus is on users minting NFTs regularly to maintain and maximize their streak.

3. Minting Streak Mechanism:

  • The streak is based on a daily minting cycle, with a 24-hour limit from the last minting session.

  • Users earn additional MXP based on the number of consecutive days they mint NFTs.

  • The calculation is performed daily at 00:00 UTC.

4. Streak of Routines:

Additional Tokens = Days × 1

Maximum bonus Streak is 50 MXP


  • On day 1, a tier 1 user mints an NFT earns 6 MXP (5 basic MXP + 1 MXP from the streak).

  • On day 30, the reward reaches 35 MXP (5 basic MXP + 30 MXP from the streak) for a single NFT minting.

5. Streak Benefits:

  • The streak transforms the MXP accumulation into a rewarding journey, offering users increasing bonuses for maintaining consistent NFT minting habits.

  • Users can witness a significant boost in MXP rewards as they progress through consecutive days of minting.

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