Launchspace: Platform Growth with Taskon


As quest-to-earn platforms continue to evolve and mature, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for new projects to gain attention and succeed in the competitive market. Traditional methods of getting users to complete tasks and mint NFTs are no longer effective, leading to a lack of interest and potential failure for projects.

Taskon faced this exact challenge. TaskOn offers campaigns to promote brands, acquire new users, grow communities, increase volume, mint NFTs, and manage whitelists. However, Taskon needed to find a way to boost its social media presence, highlight unique features, increase platform usage, kick-start NFT activity, and generate more revenue.


Taskon partnered with Micro3, a leading SocialFi Mint-to-Earn platform, to achieve their growth goals:

  1. Building Brand Awareness

  2. Incentivizing Users to Mint and increase revenue

  3. Driving Long-Term User Adoption

  4. Growing Social Media Presence

We organized a collaborative campaign between Taskon and Micro3 following the Launchspace initiative:

  • The NFT price was fixed at 1$ denominated in $BNB

  • Micro3 was helping to get Taskon the best presence over social media channel such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram and others to maximize the performance

  • All revenue from this campaign was split 50-50 for Taskon and their communities as giveaways

  • Besides, Micro3 also contributes M3G as prizes to distribute for users

Link: Micro3 x TaskOn


  • Taskon had 972 mints which is $972 in revenue for Taskon

  • Attracted 12K participants

  • Minimum mint for each individual was 10 NFTs

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