Micro3 Tournaments

What is Micro3 Tournament?

Micro3 Tournament is an exciting leaderboard that highlights the most beloved creators and NFT collectors on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Weekly Rankings: Every week, creators and collectors compete for the top spots on the Micro3 tournaments leaderboard. Points are earned based on various factors, including minting activity, community engagement, and overall impact.

  • Monthly Championships: The stakes get higher with the monthly championships. Accumulate points consistently over the month to secure a place among the elite champions. Monthly winners enjoy special recognition and exclusive rewards.

How to Check Your Rank:

  • Access the Micro3 Tournaments leaderboard on the Micro3 platform.

  • Explore your weekly and monthly standings, showcasing your achievements and contributions.

Exclusive Rewards for Champions:

  • Weekly and monthly champions receive special recognition within the Micro3 community.

  • Earn exclusive rewards such as Micro3 Experience Points (MXP), unique NFTs, and more.

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