Curated Social and Onchain Quests

At Micro3, quests encourage users to actively participate in online communities within our ecosystem. It helps Web3 projects and individuals to:

  • Increase Community Engagement

  • Have Wider Marketing Reach and Exposure

  • Build Brand Awareness

  • Build Community and Trust

Social Quests:

Our social quests span across various social platforms, encouraging users to actively participate and interact. We gather APIs from popular Web2 platforms such as X, Discord, Telegram, Github, Youtube, Quiz and curate for non-crypto players to break through the barrier and join the game easily.

On-Chain Quests:

On-chain quests are designed to provide tangible opportunities for users to earn rewards directly within the Micro3 ecosystem. These tasks contribute to personal growth and ecosystem development. Some on-chain tasks include performing onchain swap, hold a specific token/coin, mint NFTs and etc.

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