NFT Discount on Micro3

What is Discount?

Discount on Micro3 allows creators to share the success of their NFT collections with collectors. When a collection concludes its sales, a portion of the revenue is automatically distributed to the collectors who own NFTs from that specific collection.

How to Set Up Your NFT Discount:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Micro3 account and go to your collection management dashboard.

  2. Select the Collection: Choose the NFT collection for which you want to set up a Discount.

  3. Navigate to Discount: Locate the Discount section within the collection settings.

  4. Configure Discount: Set the percentage or amount you wish to share with collectors. You can customize the distribution to align with your preferences.

  5. Save Changes: Confirm your Discount settings, and save the changes.

Automatic Distribution:

Once your NFT collection sales are completed, Micro3 automates the Discount distribution process. Collectors receive their share directly into their Micro3 wallets without any manual intervention.

This is where creators share value with their followers!

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