Micro3 Experience Points (MXP)

1. What is Micro3 Experience Points (MXP)?

  • Micro3 XP (MXP) mirrors the concept of Experience Points in video games, symbolizing your progress and involvement within the Micro3 ecosystem.

  • These points are awarded to recognize significant contributions to the growth of Micro3 but hold no monetary value. Earning MXP not only reflects your impact but also qualifies you for exclusive rewards, including official community roles, unique Micro3 swag, and more, enriching your engagement with the ecosystem.

2. Earning MXP:

  • Perform actions in the Micro3 system such as Mint NFT, Create NFT, Check-in, etc.

  • Users can acquire MXP through various means, including participating in events, contributing to the community, and engaging in the platform's activities. The more involved users are, the more MXP they can accumulate.

3. Utilizing MXP within Micro3:

  • MXP holds multifaceted functionality within the Micro3 platform. Users can leverage MXP for various purposes, including:

    • Unlocking premium features and services.

    • Participating in platform governance and decision-making.

4. Event Rewards and MXP:

  • Rewards earned in MXP during events are distributed directly to participants. It's important to note that these event-based MXP rewards do not contribute to the overall Leaderboard rankings, ensuring a fair and separate reward system.

  • Requirements: You need to own a Micro3 ID to receive MXP from main activities from Micro3 such as Mint NFT, Create NFT, Check-in, Rewards, etc.

5. Snapshot M3G Balance:

  • Micro3 will take a snapshot of the M3G Balance in the wallet. Users can check their M3G amount in their profile.

  • After the M3G quantity has been snapshot, all rewardable actions on Micro3 by users will be changed to MXP.

6. Convert M3G to MXP:

  • After successfully completing the snapshot of users' M3G quantity, Micro3 will plan the conversion of users' M3G to MXP.

  • Micro3 will announce the conversion date as soon as possible.

  • The conversion rate will be disclosed once Micro3 has finished the calculations.

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