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Micro3 is a decentralized SocialFi Mint-To-Earn platform, empowering Web3 projects and individuals through creator economy, utilized by LayerZero and Chainlink technologies.

Problems with the current Web3 quest platforms

Users often bear the cost of minting NFTs themselves, which can be a significant financial burden. The problem rise when the NFTs fail to gain value over time, leaving users with little to no return on their investment. Users participate in quests hoping to receive an airdrop as a reward, but there's no guarantee of receiving one.

NFTs are scattered across various blockchains, making it difficult for users to manage and track their assets efficiently. This fragmentation adds complexity to the user experience, as users need to navigate multiple platforms and wallets to access their NFTs.

Finally, projects on quest platforms often require users to undergo a snapshot process and meet specific criteria to claim an airdrop. This involves building infrastructure and implementing complex procedures, which are time-consuming and costly for both users and projects.

Micro3 Solutions:

  1. Curated Social & On-chain Quest:

    • Micro3 is committed to fostering an open and collaborative SocialFi environment where all projects can benefit from increased marketing exposure and sustained engagement. By curating both social and on-chain quests, we ensure that projects receive the visibility they need to thrive.

  2. NFT Infrastructure As A Service:

    • Micro3 offers seamless deployment, minting, and distribution of NFTs across various blockchains. Through Micro3, users and projects can easily conduct snapshots and distribute airdrops, streamlining the process and reducing costs for all involved parties.

  3. SocialFi Revenue Sharing through NFTs:

    • Micro3 empowers users and communities to earn revenue from the NFTs they deploy. By default, a portion of the revenue generated from NFT collections is allocated back to users, incentivizing active participation and contribution. Additionally, Micro3 rewards users who make significant contributions to the platform by refunding their fees.

  4. Cross-Chain NFT Interoperability:

    • Micro3 facilitates cross-chain NFT interoperability, allowing users to deposit and lock funds on one blockchain and receive designated NFTs from another. This enhances liquidity and fundraising capabilities within the NFT market.

  5. Marketing Booster and NFT Liquidity Mining:

    • Micro3 offers a unique marketing booster program, allowing projects to gain additional exposure within the ecosystem.

Build with Micro3

If you're interested in building with the Micro3 or using Micro3 as a crucial infrastructure in our product/community, you can create your account here. We're thrilled for the exciting journey ahead!

Our Achievements

Since launch of Dec 2023, we have pursued to be one of the fastest growing SocialFi Mint-to-earn platform. The metrics are counted across 17 countries in different categories such as total users, total minting volume, total fee generated, total minted NFTs and etc.

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