We are thrilled to introduce Micro3 V3.0, a major upgrade designed to enhance the user experience for all participants. This release brings forth a plethora of new features, including a revamped homepage for aesthetic appeal. The redesigned interface offers a modern, user-friendly experience, making navigation and task completion smoother than ever before.


  • To ensure ease of use, we have made adjustments to the UI/UX to facilitate a smoother experience for users.

  • The new Check-in interface will now be prominently displayed alongside your profile.

  • Additionally, we have introduced separate sections for Achievements and Mini-games, preparing for significant future changes.

Launch of the Airdrop Page

  • To incentivize user engagement and retention within the Micro3 platform, we are introducing an Airdrop mechanism to provide additional energy for everyone.

  • Check it: Airdrop Page

Changes to the ranking mechanism on the Ecosystem Page

  • In our commitment to fairness and user welfare, we have implemented changes to the scoring mechanism on the Ecosystem Page.

  • The leaderboard will now be based on the total MXP accumulated by participants within the Ecosystem Page.

  • For instance, participants at Tier 5 who mint any NFTs boosted NFTs, will receive 50 MXP, which will not contribute to their ranking on the Ecosystem Page.

  • Apart from minting 4 NFTs within the Ecosystem Page, participants can also complete quests to climb the leaderboard more rapidly.

Changes to the M3G earning mechanism on the Leaderboard

  • We have made adjustments to the monthly prize allocation. Instead of rewarding in USDT, there will be 1,000 MXP allocated each month for the top 2 categories: Collections and Minters.

  • Consequently, we have discontinued Weekly Rewards to avoid discrepancies.

Next Steps Towards a Social-Fi Platform

We are progressing towards the development of a Decentralized SocialFi Mint-To-Earn platform. In this update, we introduce two features emblematic of our SocialFi platform:

Quests on NFT Collections:

  • Users can now easily identify NFT collections containing quests.

  • By completing these quests, users can earn MXP rewards from Micro3 and stable coins from quest creators.

Big Campaign Multiple Quests:

  • This feature is currently applicable only to projects within the Micro3 ecosystem, combines quests from multiple creators into a single large campaign.

  • Participants must complete quests within the Big Campaign to receive enticing rewards from both Micro3 and participating projects.

  • In addition to earning rewards upon completing individual quests, participants in Big Campaigns can claim rewards based on their progress through the campaign. Each milestone reached signifies a significant achievement, entitling you to claim rewards corresponding to that milestone.

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