Ecosystem Growth with Chainlink

As a member of Chainlink BUILD, to maximize on the exposure, we created a special grand ecosystem page for Chainlink in the form of quests

Users will have the opportunity to mint four pieces of an NFT, which can then be combined to form a complete NFT known as the Chainlink Genesis.

Participants in this campaign will receive various benefits:

  • The top 10 holders of the Genesis NFT will share the prizes offered in this campaign.

  • The expected prizes include 1000 USDT and 100,000 M3G tokens, provided by Micro3.

Link: Exploring Chainlink Ecosystem


  • Chainlink had 13,000 mints organically

  • Attracted 50K participants. Chainlink traffic and engagement rose 200% organically since launch

  • Minimum mint for each individual was 80 NFTs

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