Participate in NFT Minting

Micro3 takes the thrill of NFT with our leaderboard, tailored for each supported chain. Experience the excitement of competing on your favorite blockchain, with flexible weekly and monthly rewards that keep the competition fierce and rewarding.

How It Works:

Chain-Specific Rankings: Explore individual leaderboards for each supported chain, including BNB Chain, Klaytn, Arbitrum, Linea,etc and more! Your NFT collection's popularity and engagement contribute to your standing on the chain-specific leaderboard.

  • Weekly & Monthly Rewards: Micro3 spices things up with ever-changing rewards. Each week and month brings new opportunities to earn enticing prizes based on your performance within your chosen blockchain's NFT collections leaderboard.

How to Participate:

  • Mint NFTs: Contribute by minting on your preferred blockchain.

  • Climb the Leaderboard: Ascend the ranks by accumulating points based on your minting activity, community engagement, and the overall impact of your NFT collection.

Exclusive Prizes

  • Weekly and monthly champions on each supported chain receive unique rewards, ranging from Micro3 Experience Points (MXP) to exclusive NFTs and more!

Micro3 Ecosystem Campaign

Objective: Engage with detailed partner information and mint unique 'Genesis' NFTs.


1. Top Earners: Top 10 MXP earners in campaign share a USDT prize pool.

2. Random Prizes: 100 participants win through a lucky draw.

Action: Participate in minting and compete for rewards to maximize engagement with our partners.

Micro3 Collection Detail Campaign

  • Users can now easily identify NFT collections containing quests.

  • By completing these quests, users can earn MXP rewards from Micro3 and stable coins from quest creators.

Micro3 Quest Detail Campaign

  • With the Quest Detail feature, projects can help users gain a deeper understanding of their initiatives. Micro3 assigns tasks that require users to learn about the project details.

  • Upon completing these tasks, users can earn rewards such as NFTs, whitelist spots, stablecoins, project tokens, and Micro3 Experience Points (MXP).

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