1. What is the purpose of MXP? How can I earn more MXP?

  • MXP serves as the native currency within the Micro3 ecosystem. You can earn MXP through activities such as Minting NFTs, Creating NFTs, and Check-ins. Additionally, future features will provide more opportunities to earn MXP within the Micro3 system. External events, mini-games, and social media giveaways organized by Micro3 also offer avenues to accumulate MXP.

  1. How to Become a Micro3 Citizen?

  • To become a Micro3 Citizen, you need to own a Micro3 ID, which you can directly mint at here.

  1. What is the fee to mint a Micro3 ID?

  • The cost of minting Micro3 ID varies based on the quantity minted:

    • 0 - 10,000: $1 per ID

    • 10,001 - 50,000: $3 per ID

    • 50,001 - 100,000: $5 per ID

    • 100,001 onwards: $10 per ID

  1. Why use Micro3?

  • Security: Micro3 ensures automatic safety checks for all created NFTs, and users can flag any NFT with suspicious behavior for the community's benefit.

  • Comprehensive information: Micro3 provides detailed information about each NFT, including launch time, profit sharing percentage, price, unique minters, top minters, creator wallet, and more.

  1. What risks are associated with the NFT platform?

  • For Micro3, aside from the inherent creative risks associated with NFT participation, users have the potential to reap significant benefits compared to their contributions.

  1. How does the Referral mechanism work?

  • User A (referred by User B) needs to mint a Micro3 ID on Micro3 for User B to activate the conditions to receive a 10% commission from User A's M3G-generating activities.

  1. How does Micro3 handle potentially exploitative NFTs?

  • Micro3 employs a moderation system for scrutinizing created NFTs. It is advised to check if an NFT is verified by Micro3 before minting valuable NFTs.

  1. When will my project appear in the Trending section?

  • Project visibility in the Trending section depends on the speed of minting, the number of participating wallets, and the authenticity of minting activity. Micro3's updated algorithm emphasizes genuine minting engagement to rank higher in the Trending section.

  1. Is verification necessary to participate in NFT creation?

  • No, at Micro3, you can freely express your creativity without the need for verification. However, this freedom should not be exploited for malicious purposes.

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