SocialFi Revenue Sharing through NFTs

Micro3 introduces a unique revenue sharing, allowing users to share in the platform's earnings through NFT contributions. This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance user experiences on Micro3 and bring back value of NFTs.

There will be one source of revenue sharing on Micro3:

Quarterly Revenue Sharing from Micro3:

  • Distribution based on your contributions to the platform.

  • It is influenced by your tier, your M3G balance and NFT minting within the Micro3.

Once users mint the NFTs, the revenue flows straight back to projects. And based on our default settings, projects can allocate a specific percentage of generated revenue back to users. From this perspective, users can get a discount from NFT minting and refund of the fees spent on the platform. Moreover, projects are benefitted for marketing support and gain more exposure on Micro3.

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