Cross-chain NFT Interoperability

By using the Arbitrary Messaging features of CCIP, Micro3 can give their users access to their assets on different blockchains. This groundbreaking advancement introduces the first-ever application for cross-chain NFTs, allowing NFTs to seamlessly integrate into users' preferred blockchain networks, making the underlying blockchain technology invisible to users.

This interoperability makes it easier for developers and teams to create and expand existing NFT collections. For example, in an NFT-Fi fundraising and trading scenario on Micro3, users could deposit and lock their funds on one blockchain and receive the specified NFTs from another blockchain. This improves the liquidity and fundraising effectiveness of the NFT market.

Besides Chainlink, we also integrated Layerzero for cross-chain NFT minting function. As a result, it will be able to transfer an NFT to a new chain while preserving the integrity of the data, leading to fewer transactions and maintaining the original smart contract address and token ID.

Micro3 users can experience a seamless one-click NFT deployment to almost all their desired chains. They can personally choose the best routing path which suits their taste of the cheapest gas fee and speed. Moreover, NFT liquidity mining on Micro3 will also be available for those wishing to gain more accrual value through these digital collectibles.

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